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Colon Classification ( Sixth Edition)
S.R. Ranganathan
ISBN : 81-7000-460-8
PBISBN : 81-7000-423-3
Year Of Publication : 2006
Price : US$32

Price : US$17
About the Book
THE COLON CLASSIFICATION is the latest scheme in the field of classification. It has revolutionised thinking in classification and stimulated research in it. This new method is suited to small and large, general and special libraries and can be used in classifying whole books as well as individual articles in a periodical or sections in a book.. It is being taught in all schools o Library Science all over the world, not only as a means of arranging books on shelves but also as a means of finding out the focus of a book in systematic way and finding the requirements of a reader while doing reference service. The new methodologies in classification invented as part of the Colon Classification-the Facet Analysis, the Phase Analysis and the Zone Analysis--have lifted Practical Classification from guesswork to scientific method. They are forming an important theme in international conferences on information retrieval.

About the Author
Dr. S. R. Rangangthan (1892to1972)

Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan is World -renowned in the field of Library and information science. There is hardly any aspect of library science that he has ot touched and made significant contributions to it. Hes Five Laws of Library Science laid the foundatins of library and information servicce; and his Prolegomena to Library Classification to Knowledge oranization (Subject structuring, classification and indexing); Dr. Ranganathan received many honours ---the National Research Professorship in Library Science in March 1965 conferred by the Goverment of India.: D. Litt ( Honoris causa) by the Delhi University in 1948 Doctorate in Library Scince by the University of Pittsburgh in 1964, Padma Shri in 1956; and the Margaret Mann award in 1971 by the American Library Association for his contribution to cataloguing theory and pratice. Born in August 1892, Dr. Ranganathan earned his M A in Mathematics from the Madras. He started as a lecturer in mathematics and Physics in some of the constituent colleges of the Madras University. Chance events led him to accept the Madras University Librarian's post in 1924. After a year's study at the school of Librarianship and Archives in London, he returned to the Madras University Library and for the next 20 years, worked ceaelessly to make that Library a model academic library in 1945 he was invited tothe positions of Honorary Professor of Library Science by the Banaras Hindu University (1944-47) then Delhi University (1947-56) and later the Documentation Research and Training Centre (DRTC) of the Indian Statistical Institute at Bangalore (1962-1972) . Earlier he was associated with the establishment of such information Institutions as INSDOC (CSIR) , and Documentation Sectional Committee of theBureau of India Standards. New Delhi. He founded the Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science in 1963. with the objective of promoting research in library science and dissemination of the research results. He wrote more than 2000 research papers. about 60 books, and founded and edited five periodical publications during his life-time. Ranganathan passed away on 27 september 1972, leaving indelible marks in most facets of library and information science.

Preface to edition to 6
Chap 00 Introduction
Chap 01 Call Number
Chap 02 Class Number
Chap 03 Book Number
Chap 04 Collection Number
Chap 05 Focus and Facet
Chap 06 Contractions
Chap 07 Canons of Classification
Chap 08 Principles and Postulates
Chap 1 Main Class
Chap 2. Common Isolate
Chap 3. Time Isolate
Chap 4. Space Isolate
Chap 5. Language Isolate
Chap 6. Phase and Intra- Facet Relation
Chap 7. Classic
Chap 9z Generalia
Chap 92 Library Science
Chap B. Mathematics
Chap C. Physics
Chap D. Engineering
Chap E. Chemistry
Chap F. Technology
Chap G. Biology
Chap H. Geology
Chap HZ. Mining
Chap I. Botany
Chap J. Agriculture
Chap K. Zoology
Chap KZ. Animal Husbandry
Chap L. Medicine
Chap LZ. Pharmacognosy
Chap M. Useful Arts
Chap ^ Spiritual Experience and Mysticism
Chap N. Fine Arts
Chap O Literature
Chap P. Linguistics
Chap Q. Religion
Chap R. Philosophy
Chap S. Psychology
Chap T. Education
Chap U. Geography
Chap V. History
Chap W. Political Science
Chap X. Economics
Chap Y Sociology
Chap Z. Law
Schedules of Classics and Sacred Books

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