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A dream conceived, a seed planted

Ess Ess Publications began operating under the able leadership of Mr. S. K. Sethi way back in 1974. A dream realized, a vision fulfilled, working endlessly for success, the company published whatever came it?s way. Starting with rare books, graduating to copyright works, the publications? list prospering.

It so happened that one title on Library and Information Science came up for publishing. These were the days when the publishers were reluctant to venture beyond Religion, Indology and Philosophy, which were selling very well those days and it was not considered wise to venture into anything but these subjects. At such a time Ess Ess Publications brought out titles on Library and Information Science.

After those days, there was no looking back, titles on Library and Information Science never stopped coming out. Now Ess Ess Publications is India?s largest publisher of books on Library and Information Science with more than two hundred and fifty titles published so far on this subject.

In 2006, Ess Ess Publications associated with Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science, Bangalore and got the publishing rights of Library Science Classics written by the Father of Library Science, Dr. S.R. Ranganathan. Ess Ess also boasts of being the co-publisher of the Ranganathan Endowment which brings out nothing but the most authentic and very high quality literature.

Our catalogue of publications now includes the names of some of the living legends of Library Profession in India, these veterans keep enriching the profession with their valued literary contributions brought out in form of books by us. Apart from these literary spearheads, new scholars which are the young blood of this profession are also associating with us as our authors.

We look forward to publishing books on any and all aspects of Library and Information Science.

The service to Library Profession goes on..


Reference Press came into existence in 2003 when it was thought that Ess Ess would only and exclusively be publishing books on library and information science and all other manuscripts on any discipline falling under Social Sciences and Humanities would be published under a new imprint, called Reference Press.

Reference Press caters to almost all other subjects and standard of publishing and quality of literature being the same.

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